Equity Funds
Fund nameInfoISINBloombergPriceDaily changeUpdated
China Equities Fund A Acc USDFactsheetLU0213068272SLCHNEA LX52.1790Up0.04c 0.08% 02/04/2020
European Equities Fund A Acc EURFactsheetLU0137279880STAEUEA LX10.2348Up0.07c 0.69% 03/04/2020
European Equity Unconstrained Fund A Acc EURFactsheetLU0343755343SLEEUAU LX12.4943Up0.09c 0.73% 03/04/2020
European Smaller Companies Fund A Acc EURFactsheetLU0306632414STESCAE LX24.1603Down-0.08c -0.33% 02/04/2020
Global Equities Fund A Acc USDFactsheetLU0152742630STAGLEA LX24.2334Down-0.79c -3.16% 02/04/2020
Global REIT Focus Fund A Acc EURFactsheetLU0277137690SLGRACE LX9.0995Down-0.35c -3.70% 02/04/2020
Indian Equity Midcap Opportunities Fund A Acc USDFactsheetLU0306632174STINEAU LX4.6290Down-0.10c -2.11% 03/04/2020
Bond Funds
Fund nameInfoISINBloombergPriceDaily changeUpdated
European Corporate Bond Fund A Acc EURFactsheetLU0177497491STPECBA LX16.3751Up0.07c 0.43% 02/04/2020
Global Bond Fund A Acc USDFactsheetLU0137296389STAGBDA LX18.6409Down-0.01c -0.05% 02/04/2020
Global Inflation-Linked Bond Fund A Acc USDFactsheetLU0213069676SLGILKA LX17.2526None0.00c 0.00% 02/04/2020

About the prices

The price shown is the price at which units in each of the funds are both bought and sold on . These prices are for information purposes only. For more information on the actual unit prices that will be used when a transaction is carried out, please contact us.